Words of the volcanoes

Words of the volcanoes

According to D. Didier’s book

The language of volcanoes, it is the language of the Earth who is witness of its own reality. Each volcano holds a language, a memory speech who manifests anything at the level of the planet. This language is expressed through 22 volcanoes which are 22 different expressions, 22 positions of conscience. All the volcanoes talk, but some are representatives. The volcanoes have always delivered knowledge. Access to this knowledge, its what is offered and opened through this teaching : The Fire of Earth and the Millennium Magic Candles will finally be revealed to you.
All the great divinations are connected, not in the divination aspect, but in the approach and the integration of a reality that, for divination, they have access. Its being able to get in tune with this reality, in capturing the expression at a specific time, in relation to a given situation, the Earth is the support and in which we are the actors.
Throughout history the Earth has expressed well, And always, it found men who had knowledge of that consciousness of things. For a long time a mystery has surounded this magic. A mystery that was only the ingnorance or non re-recognition of those who had access to that consciousness.
Today, the practice of Candles and Magical Flows by its vibrational revelation, we will connect our action to the action of the planet, we are one of the kingdoms. By the messages delivered by the volcanoes, our actions are going to find an intelligence, understanding and a new consciousness. Our decisions will be facilitated and will be part of a truth. We will understand how our word is an expression of life, given the reality of the forces which are expressed. And finally, the Earth will trust us if we are « good » actors of itself, because our actions shape the present that itself creates the future : ours and therefore that of the planet.

Our motivation

Transmiting and updating a millennial knowledge

Far from the cliches and superstitions, this teaching is the missing link between the art of vibratory feeling and the art of divination. It reveals the capacity that we all have in reading the weft and to tap into the information. Historically, humans have intuitively recognized the role of volcanoes. The « Magic » then became an operative mredium in the communication from Fire to Fire. This teaching completely refreshes our understanding of these energies mechanisms and opens to unprecedented awareness of spaces and an unsuspected action force.

Share consciousness of telluric forces

Recognize Nature is not a simple exercise of contemplation. This is an act of consciousness that gives meaning to our existence. Understanding the role and essence of tellurism reconciles us to the Earth. Its a communication of being alive, to be alive. These powerful energies, we deliver their information on the physical and the subtle plane. Because energy is information. This is a rare opportunity to harmonize our own time of life, with the time of our planet.